Dunkley Lumber


Dunkley Lumber is renowned as one of Canada’s most technologically-advanced lumber producers, capable of producing up to 850,000 cubic meters of high-quality kiln-dried lumber annually at its location near Prince George, British Columbia.

A family-run operation for more than five decades, Dunkley always strives to satisfy the customer’s requirements and utilizes the latest in optimization and grading systems. Since the early 1980s, Dunkley has been a preferred supplier of premium-grade CLS SPF dimension lumber and Douglas-fir dimension lumber for the 2×4 housing industry in Japan. Dunkley Lumber products are also shipped to such diverse markets as China, Europe, Taiwan, Korea and the Middle East.

Dunkley Lumber takes pride in its high standard of environmental management systems for forest operations on its Tree Farm License (TFL) and is a recognized supplier of PEFC™ CoC-certified sustainable products.

Mill Locations

• Strathnaver, British Columbia (map)

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