Roof Shakes & Shingles

Western Red Cedar (WRC) is naturally resistant to rot, decay and insect attacks and is the most dimensionally stable of all the North American softwoods. WRC has been used for thousands of years to provide West Coast First Nations peoples with durable housing material, for massive, one piece dugout canoes made from a single tree and used for ocean transportation.

WRC lends itself naturally for use in roof and sidewall applications. Shakes and shingles are either split or resawn and trimmed to exacting standards. Our most durable shake products offered are #1 Blue Label Edge Grain Heavies in 610mm (24”) lengths and #1 Blue Label Perfection Shingles in 457mm (18”) lengths.

Designer sidewall shingles precision-made in uniform sizes are also available to add an attractive and unique look to your project.

Western Red Cedar has a small carbon footprint and is a natural insulator to any structure. Interex offers and promotes WRC roofing that is harvested from sustainable forests and produced by The Waldun Group, a PEFC™ Certified mill. Waldun’s products are manufactured to the highest standards and are inspected and certified by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.

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