OSB Panels

Interex Forest Products is the exclusive sales office and export marketing arm for Norbord, a West Fraser Company, of OSB products in overseas markets.

OSB is an engineered panel board composed of layers of thin rectangular-shaped wood strands, which are “oriented” at right angles to each other. Laid up into mats that form a panel, OSB is bonded with waterproof adhesives under heat and pressure.

Product ingredients such as fiber and adhesives are carefully selected and calibrated to provide properties that meet precise specifications. Process technologies and equipment are continually monitored to assure consistent quality, whether it’s for commodity sheathing or specialty products.

OSB is widely used in residential and commercial construction for applications such as subfloors, as well as wall and roof sheathing. Sanded OSB is used increasingly for interior decoration of homes and commercial buildings.
OSB panels have no laps, gaps, or voids and are therefore an ideal component in the manufacture of other products, including I-Joists for engineered floor systems, stair stringers and packaging. Specialty OSB products can be used for overlay for interior finishing, cabinetry and furniture. Other applications include Oriented Strand Lumber (OSL) for structural and non-structural applications.

Size (thickness, width and length) and performance properties can be engineered to meet the precise specifications of the end user.

Products and Sizes Available

Grades: JAS Grade F****; Class 1-4, APA-certified rated sheathing (PS2 and CAN/CSA O325) Specialty products include Tongue and Groove (T&G) flooring, overlaid products and termite resistant OSB.


*Custom sizes available upon request

*Oversized panels for SIP, specialty panel sizes and packaging OSB also available

Useful Links

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