Norbord, a West Fraser Company

Norbord, a West Fraser Company, is an international manufacturer of wood-based panels with seventeen panel plant locations in the United States, Europe and Canada. Fifteen of these operations produce Oriented Strand Board (OSB), making the company the world’s largest supplier of OSB, a product used by the building construction industry for roof, wall and floor applications and in industrial market segments including internal furniture components, decorative interior panels and large SIPs panels for roofs and walls.

The operations in Grande Prairie and High Level, Alberta are some of the most advanced and high productivity OSB plants in North America. They are both located by major truck and rail logistic corridors for ease of access to the Pacific Rim markets. Both operations are JAS certified and produce a clean, white and bright board utilizing the native Aspen species. Products are Formaldehyde free certified and sizes are complimentary to the Japanese market place. These Canadian operations can provide PEFC™ Chain of Custody (CoC) certified sustainable products to export markets upon request.

In the south-eastern USA, the company offers 3 options for serving the overseas markets via the ports of Savannah and Mobile. These supplying mills are: Joanna/Kinnards, South Carolina; Huguley, Alabama and; Cordele, Georgia.

The two Western Canadian operations’ access to high quality Aspen, an abundant and renewable forest resources, advanced mill technology and proximity to Asian markets, combined with the Company’s uncompromised commitment to quality, innovation and customer service, have been the foundation on which the company has earned a lead position as a respected OSB supplier in Japan and other Asian countries.

Mill Locations

• Grande Prairie, Alberta (map)
• High Level, Alberta (map)
• La Sarre, Quebec (map)
• Cordele, Georgia (map)
• Joanna/Kinards, South Carolina (map)

Useful Links

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