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2020 Holiday Wishes from Interex

By resourcecode

December 23, 2020

To our Employees, Overseas Offices, Shareholder Companies, Vendors and Friends,

It has been a long and tiring road to walk in 2020.

We were met with incredible challenges that no one could have or would have wanted to predict. In spite of this, we did a lot of good things this year: we kept our doors open (virtually of course) operating in a safe work-from-home environment; ran a United Way campaign here in Vancouver that generated $11,085 for that charity and; are now readying ourselves for a New Year in 2021 with all the good tailwinds that a vaccine will bring.

We still need to keep safe and keep our contacts to a minimum, look after those that need help and support our suppliers and customers the best way we can; all with professionalism and integrity.

We are grateful for the support we receive in those messages sent to us all. We are grateful for the good people we all work and associate with and we can hardly wait for the safety of vaccines to bring normalcy back into our lives.

With that normalcy will bring a renewed outlook on our well-being; to how we look after ourselves, how we need to treat others and to rekindle those valued partnerships in business, so often built on friendships.

Please enjoy the Holiday Season and we all look forward to a better and healthy New Year in 2021.

To your health!

Your friends at Interex